The tiller

Free will doesn’t exist. You aren’t separate from anything else. It’s all one thing: experience in consciousness and you are both the observer and the observed. That’s all.

In practice this means that you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the show. You can’t do anything, because the doing happens all by itself. So the human in the center of the picture can let go of the tiller. It never had any control, so why not stop pretending?

But how?!

We’ve been squeezing so hard, for so long that it seems impossible to let go. Ultimately, letting go is just not doing something, how hard can it be? Seemingly very hard. Of course, making the human not do something is not under your control either.

So, are we stuck?

Fortunately no, the human can absorb new information, come to a new realization and adjust its perspective. And that can change how it operates. There’s no doer there, so at least it’s not impossible.

And one thing it can realize is that, if results are not under its control, it is probably wise not to worry about them. Results will just arrive, they are of no concern to you. Your influence on them is zero, and they are in the future or in the past, so why spend time worrying about them? Don’t focus on them.

Do the things that are indicated. Follow your intuition. Do what is right. Enjoy the process. See what unfolds. Appreciate all that comes your way. Trust that the outcomes, pleasant and unpleasant, are exactly right. Whatever, the monkey may think of them in the moment.