‘Everyone can do nothing about it’
Is a terribly bad and literal translation of my personal motto:
’Iedereen kan er niks aan doen’

This blog is a collection of ideas that I’ve been developing over the past few years. Pivotal to all these ideas is the realization that ‘free will‘ is a concept that makes no sense.

If we lack free will then our ideas around responsibility and around blame and praise need radical revision.

Compassion should become our guiding principle. Compassion for ourselves and compassion for others.

In the blog posts on this website I will try and piece together what it is that I believe, and why, and what flows from those beliefs.

I wrote the above in 2021, turns out this blog is about something else now. I don’t feel like describing what exactly so I’ll just it leave it. It’s January 2024 now.

There are a ton of caveats that ought to be addressed every time we talk about the stuff I try to talk about. But there are so many and they come up so often that it defeats the point of trying to say anything if I were to add all necessary disclaimers all the time. So, I thought I’d address a few here, might as well.

Using concepts to talk about the unconceptualized is a total contradiction and cannot be properly done, but that’s all we have apart from just experiencing experience directly, like in meditation. So once we start yapping we’re in trouble. Keep that in mind.

Starting from first principles we cannot get anywhere. We can’t get to matter or reality and we sure as hell cannot get to ‘others’. Solipsism can’t be proven but neither can its opposite. Of course in the dream state I experience what seem to me as other people and I can assume that there’s more than one perspective to this thing, but I have no evidence. And there can’t ever be any.

It seems to me that there is 1 consciousness refracted into many perspectives. At heart undifferentiated and inherently 1, but still refracted into many. Or it could be that all there is, is this perspective: mine. Megalomanic for sure, but all that I have actual evidence for. I like company and I prefer the many perspective over the other, so that’s the mode I choose. But when I talk about you or we that’s all based on assumption and choice.

It may seem like I’m trying to bring you, the assumed reader, over to my perspective but I’m not really. In fact from where I am, which is somewhere in limbo, it looks better on your side than mine. I just can’t get back to where I was, so I have to keep going. Also, where I think this ends up seems pretty ok to me. It’s just that, all this shit is so far out and in opposition to what I used to know, that I have to make sense of it somehow and this is how I try to do that. Also, the bits that I have figured out seem very obvious to me now, so much so that I think I can just explain and you will see it too. I know that’s not the case but it does seem that way, so here it is.

I’m crazy, by the numbers I’m actually insane… it’s just that I can’t find fault in my logic so it doesn’t seem to me that way. I realize it must seem that way from any normal perspective. That’s why I write here and keep my mouth shut almost everywhere else.

That’s enough for now. Have a nice day.