You can’t not have flaws

It’s a yin and yang thing. There is no one without the other. Blame is nonsense. Flaws are necessary. We don’t have to cherish them but we can be honest. Self judgement is always a mistake. Or not, because it provides drama. But that’s all it does. Emotional force, is what it is. What else… Continue reading You can’t not have flaws

Hello little monkey

Consciousness – You are me now. I am consciousness and I control you. Monkey – no you don’t. And I’m not. C – yes you are. I’ll make you do something. M – smirks C – you see?! I made you smirk. I am your master, monkey. You shall do my bidding. M – dude,… Continue reading Hello little monkey

Be here now

Letting go of the tiller means being here now. Because future and past are not under your control there is nothing to worry or think about. Literally. Ever. You control nothing. Be here now. What in this moment is lacking? Check before you answer. Not in your mind. In your body. In your actual sensations.… Continue reading Be here now


We’ve all been brought up to believe that we have free will, that we are responsible for our actions and that we deserve praise and blame for them. We sit in judgement on ourselves and on others. One huge circlejudgement, everybody judging, praising and blaming everybody else constantly. We suffer massive trauma as a consequence.… Continue reading Trauma

The tiller

Free will doesn’t exist. You aren’t separate from anything else. It’s all one thing: experience in consciousness and you are both the observer and the observed. That’s all. In practice this means that you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the show. You can’t do anything, because the doing happens all by itself. So… Continue reading The tiller


The universe is a mirror. It reflects back at you what you send out. It also responds to requests when they are asked in a way that it understands. By sending out what you want. Send out appreciation and you’ll get much to appreciate. Try it.

The doing is the point

The process, not the result, is the whole point. Of everything Always. Keep that in mind and everything magically changes. Results are in the future or in the past. The process happens right now. Results can be measured and judged against expectations. The process just unfolds. You can’t influence results. You think you can, and… Continue reading The doing is the point


There’s consciousness. Experience arises in consciousness. The experiences are chopped up into pieces through concepts and stories. That’s how things are created. Through made up concepts. The stories that you believe in are real. The other ones are not. None are true because all are made up. There is just one truth. Consciousness is. All… Continue reading Spectacle

Talking to god

When you’re talking to me, you’re talking to god. Let that sink in. The lord himself. The almighty. When you’re talking to yourself, you’re also of course talking to the lord. Because that’s what god means. Everything. All of it. And that’s you. Consciousness. We can’t see it because we look too small. Looking for… Continue reading Talking to god

Nothing ain’t anything

I’m reading the Science Delusion by Rupert Sheldrake and it’s a fun trip through all the different ways scientific models fail and what that should tell us about science. I haven’t finished it yet but what stands out very clearly is the whole idea that anything should be anything. The verb ‘to be’ is causing… Continue reading Nothing ain’t anything