We’ve all been brought up to believe that we have free will, that we are responsible for our actions and that we deserve praise and blame for them. We sit in judgement on ourselves and on others. One huge circlejudgement, everybody judging, praising and blaming everybody else constantly.

We suffer massive trauma as a consequence. On the societal level it is very easy to see our malady. On the personal level we find it harder to see, especially in ourselves. But we carry a tremendous amount of stress and trauma around with us at all times, we’re just used to it.

But we don’t need to. We can change our perspective. We can stop judging. We can find compassion for ourselves and for others. We can relax back into our natural state. And we can release the trauma from the body.

I’m going to become an expert in this subject and will document my progress here. I’m very confident that part of the process will involve bringing attention back into the body and out of the thinking mind. Reconnecting the body back to earth, to nature. Integrating the three and relinquishing control.

Decision making will move from analyzing and thinking to intuiting and flowing. Focus will shift from goals and results to process and experiences. The production is the point, there is no score, there is no finish, you can’t win, and therefore you can’t lose either.

You can stop stressing. You can stop squeezing. You can just release.

And I intend to figure out how to help people do this. Let’s see where this rabbit hole goes.