Stop knowing

We will have to change the way we see the world. We have to change soon and radically. We will need to see the world in a way that allows us to work together, to develop trust, to base our worth on who we are. Not on what he have or do.

We have let the climate disaster get so out of hand that we are now in a situation where only a radical and global change in perspective can save us.

We need to learn that everyone has a perspective that is unique to them and just as true as your perspective is to you. We need to realise that being right is a nonsense idea and everyone believes their perspective to be ‘right’.

Once we see this clearly we can release our perspective as being true and take a more relaxed and flexible attitude towards all perspectives.

They are all just points of view.
Just turn the kaleidoscope for a new perspective.
A new reality.
Truth is a plastic, even fluid thing, made of stories, definitions.
Smoke and mirrors.

Free will is an illusion.
There is no center to our experience and our responsibility is zero.

There is nothing to do.
Nothing to cling to or fight with.
Your worth is not dependent on your effort.
Not on your willpower.
Not on your success.
Everything is already the way it should be.

Just stop.

Stop striving.
Stop judging.
Stop taking responsibility.
Stop knowing.

Start wondering.
Move between perspectives.
See through someone else’s eyes.

Understand they could not have done a single thing differently.
And neither could you.

Say hello.
To compassion.
‘Iedereen kan er niks aan doen.’

That goes for you.
It goes for every­body else too.
So forgive yourself.
Love yourself.
Forgive everybody.
Love everybody.

Connect to your body.
Connect to experience.
Focus on the sensations.
Play with the concepts.

Switch perspectives.

Stop knowing.

Start wondering.

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