This post is an adaptation of a journal post I wrote for myself in February 2019.

Yoga is the physical practice of a fundamental principal. There are two basic attitudes: relaxation and tightening or grasping and letting go.

A position that requires tightening is always incorrect. A position that allows release is the right one.

Just inspect your own beliefs. The ones that require work are the ones where you can improve. Yoga is the physical practice of realizing this truth.

Religion is a good example. In order to be religious you need to not be open to the notion that scripture could be wrong. You need to guard against reason and thought. Religious beliefs require work. Openness is the enemy.

On a more personal level, we may have notions of being better or worse than others. These also require that we hold on to ideas about differences between ourselves and others.


  • Uncertainty and openness to being wrong
  • Relaxation and acceptance of what is
  • Introspection and the embracing of faults
  • The release of the ego and the notion of free will


  • Certainty and belief
  • Tightening and resistance against what is
  • Looking at others and defending oneself
  • Defence of the ego and libertarian free will

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