My intentions are good, always. Perhaps I hurt someone’s feelings from time to time, but it’s never on purpose. When questioned I will offer an explanation or a different light in which to view my behavior, so that others may also come to see how I did not, in fact, mean badly. Should others fail to come to see things the way they ought to… well, that would be regrettable or perhaps a reason for me to take offence at them in return. But it would not, of course, make me change my mind about my intentions.

My intentions? Good! Always!

Other people’s intentions? Well… that is of course, a different question. Because the way I judge those is as follows:
You do something. The outcome of your actions make me feel a certain way. I assume your intention was to create that emotion.
If it was a pleasant emotion, that is good and I will think favourably of you (for now). If it is a negative emotion, that is bad and I will be upset with you because you intentionally and consciously made me feel bad. What kind of person would do such a thing?!

In short, I judge myself on my intentions, which I can always retroactively show to be good. And I judge others on the intentions they must have had to have elicited the emotion that I had, based on the outcome of their actions, and the intentions I assume they must have had to have behaved the way they did, in order to give me the emotion that I ended up having.

No problem.

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