Trust in God

You are not separate from the rest of the universe. All boundaries are made-up concepts. You, as a human, do not have free will. Causation binds everything together into a whole. Only that whole (or God) has free will. You are an integral part of that whole. There is no need to strive, judge or struggle.

Understand that your role is like that of a cell in a body. The cell is not responsible for the body as a whole. The cell can’t do anything but be a cell. Trust the wisdom of the body. Trust the wisdom of the universe. Trust in God.


Nothing is under your control.

Don’t overthink. Remain open. Use your intuition. Do not be afraid. Know that whatever you do, you couldn’t have done otherwise. Sit back and enjoy the show.

That is your role. You are the experiencer of your perspective. Not the do-er of your deeds but the witness to your point of view.

Leave the doing to the universe.

Trust in God.

Amen 🙏 🤣

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