It is normal to:

  • take and assign responsibility when we have hardly any control over outcomes
  • believe that we are right and everyone else is wrong
  • go around judging everyone and everything, including ourselves, incessantly
  • worry constantly about what others think of us
  • create expectations and its counterpart disappointment for ourselves
  • identify with our thoughts, even the negative ones, and create an unfriendly narrative in our own minds
  • be constantly lost in thought and to disregard our bodies
  • search for meaning when meaning is created, not found
  • mistake strong emotions for important or meaningful ones
  • postpone our happiness to a future moment that never arrives
  • focus on possessions, achievements and status and to forget about connection, reflection and well-being
  • identify with the voice in our head, even when it is being unkind to us, or arguing with itself
  • worry about the future and ruminate about the past, disregarding the only time that ever is: now
  • forget that fictions like countries, economies and companies aren’t actually real
  • look outward for the cause of our negative emotions when we should be looking in
  • do what we think that others expect of us and to forget that we can do absolutely anything that we want
  • judge ourselves by our intentions but others by how their actions make us feel
  • be slaves to our own thoughts and emotions and to leave no time, space or energy to liberate ourselves
  • teach our children how to be productive but not how to be fulfilled
  • be the only storytelling and meaning creating species in the universe and to leave our collective stories to profit driven, fictional entities called companies
  • be so worried about risk that we minimize all uncertainty, forgetting that uncertainty is the main ingredient of all adventure
  • be so busy looking outward that we never look in

There is nothing normal about normal.

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