Work in progress

What I think I have figured out about how to interact with the world from the perspective of the small self, integrated with the big Self.

This is an off the cuff list of shit that I think is true. It is very much a work in progress.

  • Life is a game,
  • don’t take it seriously.
  • You are the center of the universe,
  • act accordingly.
  • Find your intuition,
  • it is buried under emotions and thoughts,
  • dig it up,
  • then use it for every single life choice.
  • Accept whatever the universe throws up,
  • you can’t change it anyway.
  • Plus, You threw it up in the first place.
  • There is nothing you need to prove to anyone.
  • There are no expectations you need to meet.
  • You can do anything you want.
  • You are all the yous.
  • You are the universe.
  • There is no need to compete or compare.
  • Be generous and compassionate,
  • start with yourself.
  • Free will does not exist,
  • so relax, nothing is under control.
  • You will die in the end,
  • everyone you know will die,
  • and you will lose all your stuff,
  • accept it now, then move on.
  • The universe is here for you specifically,
  • align yourself with it,
  • trust it,
  • move with it,
  • tell it what you want.
  • Everyone has their own reality,
  • truth and reality are totally subjective.
  • There is just the pattern in consciousness and our stories.
  • Everything you learned about life is a hoax,
  • you have no responsibilities,
  • you are free,
  • explore, express and create,
  • follow the lights,
  • use your intuition!

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