Everything is all just drama. Meaningless drama. Drama for entertainment and spectacle.

You exist outside of it. Also, outside of time so the drama doesn’t affect the real you at all. Just the little monkey you falsely assume yourself to be.

That little monkey? Just drama.

The time part is an important point. If you exist outside of time, what does that make you? Eternal of course (kinda, because if time doesn’t exist the question disappears, but close enough). Similarly, if you exist outside of space, what does that make you? Kinda, infinite, right?

You are the mirror on which the pattern plays out. Have a look at the mirror. To what degree can the pattern affect the mirror? Zero. To what degree can time affect the mirror? Can anything affect the mirror? It’s a silly question.

So, have a look at awareness, recognize yourself. And simply realize the rest is drama. Just drama, for entertainment.

Understand that no drama is bad drama. It has to be balanced, so how could it all be positive (whatever that means)? How could it be anything but what it is? It’s just the play of light and you’re the observer. Just not the monkey.

Now trust yourself and understand nothing, absolutely nothing can touch you, because you’re outside of time and space and that’s where the drama takes place. You can’t go anywhere, not in time and not in space because they are in the drama realm and you’re outside of it. So don’t worry, you’re untouchable. 💪🏻

The monkey? Just drama.

Once you recognize your true self, the monkey can learn what it really is: just drama. The monkey can learn that it has no free will, no agency, no responsibility. And it can chill. It can learn that it has nothing to do but play its part, bound up by cause and effect in the rest of the pattern. It can surrender its resistance and stop squirming. As an aside, to what do cause and effect apply? To the drama but not to the real you. Cause and effect are also only a thing inside the pattern.

Now, the monkey is an adult monkey instead of a child monkey. An integrated monkey. Shit will still happen to the monkey, but the monkey may realize it doesn’t need to judge what happens to it as good or bad. Because it’s just drama and good drama has to have both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ to be interesting, no?

The monkey could further realize that what the pattern actually is, is not at all obvious. It seems obvious from within the pattern, from the perspective of the monkey. But from the outside perspective (the mirror), it’s really just like the play of light. Meaningless. Pretty, but utterly meaningless. The meaning is also applied from within, by the drama to the drama, if you will.

Now, the monkey can chill even further. A bit of drama interacting with some more drama can’t be harmed. Are you worried about the character on the tv screen when you’re watching a soap? No, you’re suspending your disbelief to pass the time. The character isn’t real, you pretend it’s real as you watch the light dance around on the tv screen but when the character dies, is hurt, or whatever, you don’t actually care.

So, basically there are two steps. 1) Recognize yourself as awareness. 2) Realize you AND the monkey are untouchable. Because you are the mirror and because the monkey is just some light. And now, the monkey can chill. Completely. It will take some time to stop squirming completely, because the monkey has been told to squirm from a very young age and unsquirming takes some time. But keep returning to the actual you and just chill.

Chill monkey, chill.

We’re very much inclined to hold tightly to our notion of being the monkey. That really is the only obstacle. We don’t want to change our perspective because we’re so heavily invested in it. It’s like the sunk cost fallacy: ‘I’ve squirmed so hard for so long, it seems like a waste to abandon all that effort’. But if it’s been wasted effort, we would be much better off if we stopped wasting more as soon as possible, right?

So, here’s a suggestion. Look inward. See where you really are? If you think you are a monkey, look for the you part in the monkey. You won’t be able to find it inside the monkey. You will have to keep going further in, everything you discard as not you, put it aside. Go further. Where do you end up? Awareness of course. 👋🏻 That’s you. Not a monkey. Now, go look for yourself. Forget what you’ve been taught and look for yourself.

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  1. Commenting on my own post because I don’t want to change it.

    All traditions try training the monkey to get it to realize it’s not a monkey. That’s a fools errant. It will just result in trained monkeys. Forget the monkey, look beyond it.

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