Two options

There are two options.

Either, you think yourself to be a human. In a universe governed by cause and effect. With an infinity of effects to counteract the effect that you can project through your free will. Which of course can’t exist in this universe. But even if it could, what effect can your effect have against the infinite tsunami of all other effects in world? You, the human, are powerless. By definition. The logic is unassailable.

Or, you can peel back the layers. What am I? Not a human. You’re the canvas.

Awareness in a dimensionless sea of absolute nothing. And on that awareness is projected a dream. And nothing in that dream is real but through stories. Stories on top of stories, turtles all the way down.

And time and space and things exist only in the stories about the pattern. You? You’re the canvas.

Nothing can harm you because no thing is real. It is a dream and the dreamer can’t be touched. Enjoy.


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