Chop the pattern up into things if you want, concepts make thinking and talking pretty convenient. But don’t forget to glue the pieces back together with the glue of cause and effect.

The second you define any thing you also have to define the relationship of the thing to the other things. And those relationships are what we call the laws of nature. The word ‘laws’ indicating that the relationships are fixed and cannot be broken. And presto, you have glued shit back together. Things will interact with other things according to the relationships that pop up once we start chopping the pattern up into discrete little Lego blocks.

The pattern is one. You are just a concept, made up and governed by the same laws of nature as all other things. That’s why you and all the other things are illusory. There is only one thing consciousness and its content. Undivided. Or divided and glued back together instantly. Same difference.

So really, every time we chop the pattern up with our definitions and concepts it automatically gets glued back together by the relationships between the concepts that we made up.

You my friend are all. Act accordingly.

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