I’m rambling now

So. Here’s the deal. You were just chilling, everything was nice and warm and cozy. And all of a sudden, all hell breaks loose. Let’s not go into the details, but there was lots of screaming and lots of blood.

And then, these people appear. And they start yelling at you: ‘This is Nana, that is Grandpa, I am Mommy, that’s daddy over there and YOU ARE LITTLE JORMA.

Next comes: ‘And this is a cat. Cats go meow. Can you say meow, Jorma? Say meow. Say it! Oh, and that’s little bunny over there. Bunnies go sniff, sniff. Can you do sniff sniff, Jorma? Jorma?

And then: ‘Righty, now… what does a tractor do, little Jorma? Can you answer me that? What does it dooo? Well it pulls. Now, doesn’t it? It pulls. Yes indeed. And it plows also.

It’s a beautiful world isn’t it? All nicely deconstructed. With all those lovely words. Those concepts. And their relationships.

Lovely stories. Drilled into us from the second we were born.

All false.

Because all made up. By us. Through consensus. But entirely made up and entirely false.

But Jesus, those stories go all the way back. They are so tenacious. And that’s ego. Right there. Can you see it? Can you hear it in your own skull? That voice. That’s the you that you aren’t.

Good stuff, eh?


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