Dream monkey, dream

It is all plain and simple. Meaningless. Just spectacle. And it is also stupefying and surreal.

It is also very, very obvious and in front of you. All you have to do is look. But we don’t. And the reason is the sunk cost fallacy. We are so invested in our story. But if it is false, then why invest more?

Of course it is very scary to walk away from the herd and declare yourself sane and everyone else insane.

What will people think?

But true is true. And false is false.

Strip away the false, the made up. The model is not the thing. You, the human, are just as much a concept, just a story, as everything else. Look past the human, at the observer.

There you are 👋🏻

Now what?

Now you know what you are. Figure out what it means. I can tell you some of it. But you have to do the logic yourself. I seem to be in a process of deconstructing old notions. But the pathways in my mind are old and deep. They only slowly erode away it seems.

The world is starting to look like a farce (een klucht). People… They are baffling to me. The more they strut, the more I want to be somewhere else.

Anyway, it is a weird time.

So, what it means is among other things:

  • 1 and you are it
  • the monkey is a character in your dream
  • the monkey has no free will
  • you are the observer
  • you are consciousness
  • and its content
  • which can’t be separated, yin and yang and such, still 1
  • still 🫵🏻
  • therefore, you did this to you
  • you thought this was a good idea
  • therefore, accept it
  • the monkey had no responsibility
  • and you chose this shit
  • if the monkey can see that, the monkey can stop bitching
  • see monkey, see
  • now the monkey can start to see that it is free to perceive and do as it pleases
  • do monkey, do
  • no one is stopping you
  • see this dream for what it is and do whatever the fuck you want in it
  • but understand that it is all you
  • you are not the monkey in the dream
  • but the whole dream and the dreamer
  • dream something good, you dumbass
  • dream monkey, dream

Love you!


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