Everything makes no sense

I’m in some sort of process. Not entirely sure what to call it. Deconstructing old ways of perceiving is part of it. Looking with different eyes. Taking a few steps back and looking with some detachment. Something like that. And it’s a very strange process.

Everything makes no sense.

If you were to step back a little. Stop spouting opinions and just look for once. Really look, at what we’re doing, collectively and individually. You’d be amazed too.

We’re batshit insane, all of us. This system is totally crazy, all of it. We live the most mundane, shallow and boring lives we possibly can and tell ourselves obvious lies to fool ourselves into believing that we don’t.

You don’t love your work. Your career isn’t fulfilling. All the stuff that you have collected doesn’t bring happiness. It weighs you down, it’s a burden. You let yourself be programmed by the media you consume, and then you go out and do as you’re told, you buy and buy and buy.

We lock our kids up from the age of four! Four years old and you’re put in a dank room and bored to tears until you’re like twenty. And then you’re told to continue to do the same until your pension. And pretend you’re happy about it. What?!

We piss away our attention on garbage. Digital garbage. A never ending tsunami of ‘content’ without substance. Paid for by ads. That tell us to buy more shit we don’t need.

We’re so insecure that we never actually connect with others, because we’re afraid they might see through the facade and reject us like we reject ourselves.

For the sake of acceptance, conditional and temporary acceptance at that, we follow the herd, do as we’re told, pretend it makes sense, pretend we are fulfilled and never ever question any of it.

Anyway, there’s really nothing about the way we live our lives, that does not look grotesque and absurd with even a tiny amount of detached perspective. And I’m amazed that nobody seems to notice.

My advice? Give your shit away. Quit your job. Walk away from the herd. Reflect a bit. Then do some actual thinking for yourself. From there? Do whatever you want. Go back to being an accountant or account manager or sales representative, if that turns out to be your actual honest to god dream 🤣 Then pull the other one, it has bells on.

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