Little tests

And if you fail. Bigger ones.

It seems to me that we get tested. By the universe. All the time. With little questions, like: ‘If I break your shit, how do you respond?’ Or: ‘If things don’t go the way you planned, how do you respond?’ Or: ‘If you stub your toe, how do you respond?’. Stuff like that.

And then, if you just shrug and happily go on your way. Big success. Often you’ll get a happy little reward. Some funny surprise.

But if you moan and wail… the universe will break more shit. Until you learn. If you never learn. Constant broken shit.

The universe is trying to align you to it. To get you to flow with it. To see with clear eyes that you and the universe are intertwined. You’re dancing with all of creation and creation would like you to stop stepping on its (and your own) toes, please.

And it’s telling you through little tests.

Flow with them. Have a chuckle and go along with it. Everything will be much better for it.

In 2008 I bought a sports car, a beautiful Honda S2000. 30 minutes later it stood nose first in a crash barrier, totaled. I was perfectly fine, one bruise and a sore knee. That was a slightly bigger test. And a lesson.

I realized I was happy before the car, wouldn’t have been any happier owning the car, and was just as happy having totaled the car. The car was irrelevant to anything important. And the universe explained this to me very efficiently and succinctly.

I could have spent weeks or months sulking about having lost the car. But that would do nothing, except spoil my mood. And I realized that this is always the case. Once shit has occurred there is never any point in crying about it. It does nothing whatsoever, except spoil your mood. So don’t

There are no exceptions. Bitching and moaning do nothing, except spoil your mood.

The universe likes to help us remember through little tests. See them for what they are: just little tests. And pass them. Smile, shrug, accept and move on.

No exceptions.

Not even when you get a big test.

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