Forget about universality

Models and concepts are made up. At different levels. They are never true. They are real in as much as we believe them, that’s what makes them real. Never true.

Problems arise when we try to find coherence between models and levels. How does life emerge from dead matter? How does consciousness emerge from brain cells? How does love arise from a mechanistic universe? How does spirituality fit with science? How do we explain quantum mechanics with macro physics?

We don’t. It doesn’t work. It can’t be done. Because they are different models with different concepts. And the problem is the premise: that we should be able to explain one model in terms of another.

But we don’t have to, because the requirement does not make sense. Models have limited applicability and utility. There is no universal model possible because all models are just stories that ignore certain differences. Where we have ignored differences the universality has already been abandoned and we can’t get it back from within the model.

We can of course create a different model that does not ignore that particular difference but ignores another one. But then we have lost the option to connect it back to models that don’t ignore that difference

So, in conclusion… forget about the requirement of universality and apply whatever model works for you for your use case. Remember that no model is true and no concept is true. And no two models will ever fit together at the spot where we ignored differences.

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