Don’t be positive

There is one positive and true statement: 1.

We can restate our one true statement in a few different ways. Some of those are a bit more illustrative, all are less succinct.

Sentences like: Experience is. Consciousness is. I am. Will all do for our purpose but that’s about it.

Nothing more can be said that is both a positive and a true statement.

We can be negative:

  • No concept is true
  • All models are just that, models, stories
  • I am not a human
  • Free will and cause and effect cannot coexist
  • … and on and on.

Of course we can let go of the truth requirement and speculate. It can be fun and sorta useful from a certain perspective. But it’s important (just kidding nothing is) to note that by doing so we have crossed over into the realm of fantasy.

Nothing wrong with fantasy as such, it’s the domain we live our lives in. But it is what it is: fantasy.

So, if anyone wants to have a conversation about truth, waking up or even enlightenment, your gauge for judging whether they know what they’re prattling on about is whether their pontifications contain positive statements. Are they claiming anything to be just so? Go do something else or at least understand that the conversation is about spirituality.

It’s not about truth.

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