It’s all nonsense. Nothing is true, with exactly one exception. Nothing exists, except consciousness. Everything else is made up, stories applied to pattern.

I know this. I am very sure of it, because I looked, did the work and found this to be the inescapable and only conclusion.

And yet…

Some old patterns still persist. I know I don’t have free will. I know there are infinitely many perspectives, none of which are true. I know everyone’s reality differs from everyone else’s. I know meaning is created, made-up. I know good and bad are only possible from within the story. I know it’s all meaningless spectacle for its own sake.

I know it. Absolutely.

But I haven’t internalized it yet. 48 years of programming have created a deep-seated perspective that seems difficult to dislodge.

So, I had an idea. What would happen if I tried a completely and radically different perspective. And try to actively adopt it. Not as true of course, because nothing is true. But as an exercise and to actually and honestly try to look through a different lens.

I want to be able to see all perspectives for what they are. Untrue. That’s pretty easy for all perspectives except my own. But maybe I can practice by adopting a radically different perspective and applying it to pattern.

If it looks and seems crazy to me. Good! My own perspective should look just as crazy and the degree to which it doesn’t is the error I’m trying to correct.

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