Another way

We look at pattern through concepts. We chop it up with definitions, with stories, this is one thing and that another. And then we observe and capture in math what we see. And we can predict shit. We know that if we do certain things certain outcomes will follow. Maybe. There is always some uncertainty. Because there is always more detail. Into how many pieces can you cut a cake? There is always uncertainty. And there are limited resources. So something is left. Something we can’t get at. Ever. Not through concepts anyway. But isn’t everything a spectrum? So what is on the other side of concepts?

It’s uncut experience. It’s the constant flow of what is. Experience has a nature. That nature is not discrete. It’s not like Legos. And it can’t be captured by concepts. But it can be navigated. But not by humans. Humans are concepts governed by cause and effect. That’s the other part. Here we’re at the unconceptualized bit that we couldn’t get at through concepts. The bit that remains when we’re chopping away. It’s what happens when you know you don’t have control. Because 1 humans can’t have control. And 2 you’re not a human.

You’re the bit that experiences it all. You’re the only bit that 100% definitely has to be. You’re also the only thing that you know. The only thing that can be known. Everything else is just made-up. Matter? Has no solidity whatsoever. It exists. As pattern in a dream. In consciousness.

It’s funny because even science says that matter doesn’t exist. How much stuff is in stuff? None. You can go deeper and deeper and at the end all you have is formulae. There is nothing there.

And consciousness doesn’t arise from matter. Matter arises in consciousness. It’s pattern conceptualized into things. Through stories. Bla, bla, bla.

But how about that other side of the spectrum? How to navigate on the other side? You don’t. You don’t exercise your free will because you don’t have any and you’re not a human. You don’t judge and you don’t strive. You experience.

All of it.

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