A bit of a contradiction

Enlightenment is a human realizing that humans don’t ‘really’ exist.

That sentence seems to make little sense but that’s what we’re talking about here. So obviously it’s a bit convoluted and hard to understand, let alone put into words. Imagine having to convey this idea to someone who believes themselves to be human, without sounding like a crackpot. Language breaks down right away, before we even started.

The good news is that no one is ever talking to anyone but themselves, so it’s all good. But that also means there is no point to the outcome only to the process. And only for the process’ sake. And only for entertainment.

And that right there is the inevitable conclusion to everything.

The meaning of life the universe and everything is entertainment. Being conscious is a nice change from nothing forever. But to be conscious one has to be conscious of something. And for something to be interesting one needs stakes. Suspension of disbelief is how we get the stakes. Meaning and importance don’t exist, so one has to imagine them and then forget that one did.

And there you are…

(I know this is dense as fuck and probably unintelligible, sorry)

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