There’s consciousness.

Experience arises in consciousness.

The experiences are chopped up into pieces through concepts and stories.

That’s how things are created. Through made up concepts.

The stories that you believe in are real. The other ones are not.

None are true because all are made up.

There is just one truth.

Consciousness is.

All separation is artificial and wholly made up. There is just one big swirling pattern of experience in consciousness.

That’s you.

The experience and the consciousness are the same thing. You can’t peel the image off the mirror so to speak. Without image you can’t see the mirror. Without mirror where would the image be? It’s indivisible. Or rather only an artificial division, like all divisions.

1 and you are it.

The human you identify with is just a story like all the other stories.

Obviously stories can’t ‘do’ anything. It doesn’t have agency. It doesn’t have free will. Or responsibility. Blaming the story for what happens is silly.

You can blame the writer of the story if you want, but the writer is also the audience and the character and the story. So things get very circular very quickly.

I suggest you just enjoy the plot, the drama and the suspense.

It’s quite the spectacle. Why not enjoy it? That’s what it’s for. Obviously.

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