The doing is the point

The process, not the result, is the whole point.

Of everything


Keep that in mind and everything magically changes. Results are in the future or in the past. The process happens right now. Results can be measured and judged against expectations. The process just unfolds.

You can’t influence results. You think you can, and that’s most of the problem, but it’s mathematically impossible. Whatever your influence is on some outcome, it’s finite. And small, and that small little piece of influence is up against all the other influences that are not attributable to you. Those other influences are not finite, they are literally everything else, the entire universe, they are infinite. Something divided by infinity = zero. Mathematically, absolutely, undeniably, zero, 0, naught. Your influence is always exactly nothing.

The above is really only relevant if you were to have free will, which you don’t, so the point is moot. You have zero responsibility, zero influence and zero free will, so relax about results or outcomes, because they are not under your control. How do I know you don’t have free will? Because cause and effect. You can’t have a world view based on cause and effect that also includes free will and is logically consistent. So you need to drop one from your perspective. But you can’t drop cause and effect or logic and still make sense of anything. So you will either have to drop free will or the making sense part, either is fine.

To sum up. Outcomes are not under your control and you don’t have responsibility because you don’t have free will. So what the hell are you doing worrying about results? Ever?

Then what should I worry about instead?!

Nothing whatsoever. Just enjoy the ride. Life is for living, that’s the whole point. And living means observing. Sit back, relax and enjoy the process, the unfolding, it’s there for your entertainment.

There is no score. You can’t win or lose. You fucking die at the end. With lots of stuff or without but in either case you will be dead. No result can last, ever.

Go for a walk. The walk is point. You can’t win a walk. Or fail at a walk. There is just the walking, for its own sake. Do some yoga. For its own sake. Not to get more flexible, or become stronger, or better. Just to do the yoga, for its own sake. Now apply this to all aspect of your life. Do the shit you do for the doing and not for the result.

This will irrevocably get you into the now, or rather bring your attention on the now, which is the only thing that can move (attention). Results are in the past or the future but the doing, the process, is only ever now.

Release outcomes and results, focus on the process, appreciate the process, enjoy the show, it’s being put on for you specifically and only for you. You are not the puppet, you are all of it. You are the entire production: stage, characters, story and audience. You’re entertaining yourself and the next scene is supposed to be a surprise. Otherwise, where would be the fun? And it’s supposed to have some drama and adversity. Otherwise, why would anyone want to watch?

Who cares whatever happens to the characters? It’s the audience and the players that the production is for. And the production is the point. Not whether the character won or lost in the end.

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