More questions

Q – I’m trying to understand enlightenment.

A – No, you’re trying to avoid it.

Q – No, no, I’m practicing yoga, I do daily meditation, I sat a 10 day retreat a few weeks ago, I listen to Ram Dass and I’m vegan. I’m trying to get enlightened.

A – You can’t try to become enlightened. It’s a contradictio in terminis.

Q – Hmmm, you tell me what to do then.

A – Love yourself unconditionally.

Q – That sounds pretty selfish.

A – It is.

Q – Shouldn’t I become a better person first?

A – No.

Q – But it feels like I’m not good enough. Shouldn’t I…

A – No.

Q – Do you feel you’re good enough?

A – Of course.

Q – Why?

A – Because I couldn’t have done otherwise. Why get upset with myself for doing what I couldn’t do otherwise?

Q – It sounds like a cop-out.

A – It would be, if it weren’t true.

Q – So you think it’s true?

A – I know it’s true.

Q – So, you actually believe it.

A – Correct.

Q – What should I do?

A – Believe it also.

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