You’re wrong

Your opinions are shit.

My opinions are shit too.

How do I know this? Two reasons:

  1. Look back at what we used to believe at any point in history. Point to a time where what we believed wasn’t batshit insane. Now look at your own beliefs and how many of those you have (quietly) changed over time. What is the likelihood that you’re right now?
  2. The world is ever changing, however good (some of) your ideas might be, they will need to change to stay that way. Chances are pretty high that your ideas aren’t that great to begin with (see 1).

What is more is that most of our opinions are made-up on the spot. Just examine your beliefs, there might be some core ones that you can articulate, but most of our opinions are formulated in the moment. We hear some opinion come out of our mouths and quickly claim that opinion to be ours. However poorly considered.

And then we feel the need to defend it. Because it’s ours! But it’s probably shit. And it’s definitely made-up on the spot.

So don’t defend it! Why not hold on a bit more loosely?
‘Here’s what I think right now. Sorta. Please tell me where I’m wrong and I’ll revise.’

Just imagine how much aggravation we’ll avoid. How much growth can be achieved through a slightly more relaxed attitude towards our opinions.

They are almost certainly crappy opinions. They aren’t really yours to begin with. A changing world needs changing opinions. And why would you want to hold an opinion that can be improved for one second longer than necessary?

Just relax. Your opinions are 💩.
And that’s ok, so are mine.

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