You are not aligned with the universe to the extent that you have fear based emotions. The universe is trying its very best to align you to it. Every time you have a negative, fear-based emotion it is a sign that you are not aligned. Those are times to check in and see where the resistance comes from and clear it out of the way. Those are also the times when non-integrated people lash out at the perceived external source of the emotion. But the source of the emotion is always internal and it always means YOU have work to do, not the universe.

Everything is perfect, except your perspective (even that is perfect but let’s ignore that for now). Understand that all difficulties that you perceive in your life are not the universe being in some wrong state, they are a sign of you resisting the correction that the universe is trying to make. Don’t resist, check in, find the source of your negative emotion and correct it.

Once aligned there is no more need for negative, fear-based emotions, you are in a co-creative partnership with the rest of you, the universe. You ask, it provides. You can manifest anything you want, just make sure that what you want, is what you really want.

What I want, is to enjoy this show called life, to figure out more about the dreamstate and to flow with it. I want to have fun in my video game, to have interesting interactions, to have genuine and honest connections, to not graze with the herd but find a fun and interesting path for myself.

Guess what?! I seem to have manifested every single one of those things. And you can manifest whatever it is that you want too. By understanding that fear based emotions are an unmistakable sign of misalignment, by following your intuition, by understanding you are God and an integral ‘part’ of the universe, by asking the universe for what you really, actually want in a way that it understands.

You will get what you want.

Have fun.

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