I am a dream!

Or a character in a video game. But I am also the one playing the Game. Not the character in the game but the player of the Game. As the character i can’t do anything myself. But I am also the Game, the Player and the Console. The Universe, God and Consciousness. Of course those are all One but that makes writing shit pretty brief (a clue perhaps).

Anyway, in the game the character has two options. Pretend it isn’t a character in a game but that it is a living entity in reality and that it does have free will and can achieve goals so that the other characters will like it. Or… realize it is in a game and is the Game and that it has no free will and that it is free to play as it likes.

Then the character can align itself to the Game. Sit back and enjoy the action and follow its intuition, because there seems to be some connection to the Player. The Player is sending hints not just controlling directly. Those hints can be picked up through intuition. And following the hints leads to some form of alignment with the Game.

Of course you can’t choose to use your intuition but you can watch a video, read a book or say a blog post and have this insight. And then follow your intuition.

I suggest you try it.

What is problematic is that our intuition is often burried. It is buried deep under layers of thoughts and emotions. So how to dig it out? Well, fortunately for us intuition is what comes first. A feeling, a sense, it arrives when the mind is quiet, in between thoughts. Then we start thinking and judging and emotions start appearing. And it gets buried, deeper and deeper.

But if you are attentive you can catch it before it gets buried too deeply. Then just follow it. Follow your intuition. And see if it ever lets you down? If it does, forget I wrote this and go back to how you normally made your decisions. But if it doesn’t, keep following your intuition. Until it lets you down.

I somehow started doing this a long time ago. It has never let me down. Not once. Not ever.

Of course I accept everything that happens, because I couldn’t have done anything differently than I did and neither could anyone else. But somehow the universe seems to hand me amazing experiences, some aren’t pleasant, some are difficult, with feelings, but they are all amazing. Simply amazing. I am totally and utterly blown away about this spectacle. I just follow the lights, accept what comes and stare at it with my jaw on the floor.

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