On science

If you want to tell me that the scientific method is the end all and be all, then using that method answer this question: ‘What do you know for sure?’

Tell me anything. That thing appeared in consciousness. That is all anyone knows for sure. Beyond that, wild speculation. And how do we go beyond that point in science? By ignoring it. By pointing out how obvious reality is, through kicking a rock, for example. But the plain and obvious truth is: that absolutely nothing can be known beyond that point. Experience is. Consciousness and its content is. I am that. That’s the sum total of actual knowledge.

People start saying shit like: ‘But science works!’

That’s an argument for utility, not truth. And science works, if your goal is to shoot rockets into space or design a computer. How well does it work for well-being or fulfillment or prosperity or mental health?

And other models work too.

When applying the way we have categorized and conceptualized the pattern in consciousness and when using the method that we made up: science, there appear regularities. But if we apply some other method like acupuncture or more broadly Chinese medicine, regularities also appear. Also through the religious method or any other method do regularities appear.

Do you actually believe that other people’s perspective is utterly without merit but yours is not?

Regularities appear everywhere and they form different realities. In consciousness. That’s the only place they can appear. And the concepts particular to the method and the regularities that flow out, are just as real to their perceiver as your reality is to you.

If there is a different perspective than this one. Because that is speculation too. Solipsism has a bad rap, but nothing beyond it counts as knowledge.

I am.


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