The step

In the previous post ‘On science’ I wrote a bit about what we know and the crux of the post is the step from internal knowledge to external assumption.

That step where we assume an external reality based on internal experience is the exact place where all of knowledge and all of science breaks down.

It is the glaring absence of any evidence for this step that makes my experience so surreal. It’s like everybody is talking about the amazing engineering of the Empire State Building, the marvel of its design, the beauty of its interior and the beautiful story of its history.

And I am trying to point out that the whole damn thing is suspended in mid air because the foundation is clearly, obviously and glaringly missing.

And everyone is getting annoyed with me for pointing out a triviality.

But that it is the exact step where everything breaks down. From internal to external. From experience in consciousness to matter out there. Right there. That’s the step.

Do you see it?

No foundation.

Beautiful building…

But it cannot exist like that.

It cannot exist at all.

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