Let go of the tiller.

Trust the universe.

Go with the flow.

Stop squirming.

Surrender the notion of free will.

Trust your intuition.

Accept everything.

Do what is indicated.

Leave the monkeying to the monkey.

If I’m being totally honest (😬), I don’t know how many more ways I can find to say the same shit. But that’s the step. Surrender. Just, fucking surrender.

You don’t have control. You never did. So all you would do is stop pretending that you did.

There. The only instruction you need: Surrender.

Now go do it.

Why people say that the ego is illusory, is because you never had any control to surrender. You’re giving up something you never had.

You always were consciousness and never the monkey. That’s the illusion. You think you’re a monkey with control, when you always were the awareness that the monkey and everything else appeared to.

The content in awareness can’t be separated from awareness, so you’re also all the content.

And there we are: non-duality.


And you are it.

Just surrender the illusion of control and the illusion of being a monkey.

It shouldn’t be so hard. It makes perfect sense, logically and experientially. It’s just that we’ve been conditioned to have a different perspective and we’re very much invested in that perspective. Mostly, because we’ve hitched our self worth to it. Also, of course because we would declare the entire human population delusional. That’s frowned upon.

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