Proof for the segregated

I’ll prove the truth of 1 to you. I make only one claim: consciousness is all and you are it. That’s it! Nothing more, everything else is a claim made by the segregated. And here’s my argument.

The only thing you or any entity can know is: I am / Consciousness is / Experience is. Take your pick, they are different ways of saying the same thing.

Like Descartes said, we can be sure that we ‘think’, think should have been ‘perceive’ but whatever. That’s the beginning and end of knowledge. Everything that we believe we know beyond ‘I am’, is just that: belief.

Because what we perceive about reality, we perceive in consciousness and nowhere else. We know nothing about matter or physics or anything else, but as experience in consciousness.

And the stories that we tell about our perceptions are all made up. Every definition is a made up little story about pattern in consciousness. And every boundary in every definition is entirely arbitrary. This you can and should check for yourself, just have a look. And then take a step back and look at the whole edifice. It’s a mind boggling tower of stories. Bla, bla, bla as far as the eye can see.

But no real reality anywhere in sight.

We find this very hard to believe, because we’ve been conditioned since childhood. So don’t believe it, because belief is exactly the error I’m trying to correct. Belief in stories. Stop believing in separateness is essentially my invitation.

But check what I wrote in this post. Check every little step and see if there’s a claim anywhere that you can argue against. Feel free to write down your opposition.

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