We live our lives with the mistaken belief that we are separate from everything else. We believe ourselves to be a finite entity at odds with our environment. Struggling and fighting to get ahead and survive. Our language very much reflects this view. In fact our language very much causes this view. Language is made up of concepts and concepts are little packets of segregation. This not that. Stories of demarcation. In this post I won’t argue against the utility of language to communicate, but I would like to argue for the utility of other ways of perceiving and communicating. There are so many.

Intuition is a way of making decisions based on an integrated view. It is you understanding what the universe tells you without concepts. Directly. And we can all sense it, just not articulate it.

Yoga is a method for re-integrating body and mind and ultimately world. We spend most of our attention on thought, with concepts. Through yoga we bring our attention back into the body and out of concepts. The breath helps reintegrating with the rest of the universe. And through being in nature and with animals we reintegrate further still.

Reality isn’t actually real. It is all mind. A dream. Separation isn’t real. Everything is one swirling pattern in consciousness. Not in ‘your consciousness’, because ‘you’ are just a mistaken belief in a segregated little lego block. The you that you think you are only exists as a concept, a thought. From the integrated perspective you are nowhere to be found.

Things get very strange when you slip back into balance. Once you’ve reintegrated, even slightly, the rules of the segregated state gradually fade away and you start to see how the universe actually works. At first it feels like magic but that is also just a segregated misunderstanding. It is all mind and what’s impossible in a dream? It feels like the universe exists just for you and then you realize that is exactly correct, if you correctly understand yourself to be the whole thing.

You are mind and dream. The belief in concepts, in little stories, is what keeps you from seeing this. No story is true, all concepts are stories, nothing is separate. You exist but not as a human, you are all.

It’s all a dream.

And you are the mind doing the dreaming.

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