One view to rule them all

We have really taken to the utility of maths and science, we love how neat it is, and how well it works. The iPhone I’m writing this on is an amazing device and the fact that it works is bloody magical.

And we’ve transposed the perspectives that work for making iPhones to all parts of life. We look at objects through this lens and call it physics and chemistry. We look at life through this lens and call it biology.

Then we peer at society through the same lens and call it social and political science and economics.

We took health and made it into medical science and pharmacology.

Well being and mental health are psychology and psychiatry.

And so on… for media, education, entertainment, and every other field.

Everything neatly categorized and numbered and measured. All because it works for iPhones and because it makes things so nice and neat and absolute.

But it clearly doesn’t work. Yet we force it to work. By chopping off the irregular bits we make everything fit. And the more irregular, the more we chop.

We’re chopping everything to death.

One view to kill them all.


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