Play a better game

This is a dream. Nothing about it is true. Reality is entirely belief based. You’re in a video game. And you aren’t real either.

Your likes and dislikes fuel the engine that keeps the production going. Discontent is what keeps it all moving.

Viewed from this perspective one can’t take out any of the bits. If there’s nothing to dislike or judge, then there wouldn’t be any discontent, thus no fuel. No fuel, no production.

Try. Take out some ‘bad’ bits. What are you left with? Heavenly scenes? How sirupy sweet would it get and how quickly would you puke your guts out? What would you remove if you could? And would anything really, actually improve?

That’s why they’re in there. A good production needs both sides. All sweet is disgusting and all dark likewise.

So, stop your bitching. Have another good look around. And play the goddamn game. And while you’re at it, play a better one.

Inky pinky ponky bitches.

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