More about the onion

Think of you in isolation. How long could you exist without the world. In a vacuum…? How separate are you really? Or think about your sense impressions. Where do you experience sounds? Or sights? Listen to bird song for example. Where is it experienced? Listen to your own voice. What’s the difference? Where do you… Continue reading More about the onion

The onion

Imagine an onion. With eyes. Now imagine you’re that onion. the world —> 🌍 | (👀 🧅) <— you You’re the onion and you’re looking out at the world. You think you’re an onion and you think you’re separate from the rest of the world. Then you start looking at the exact boundary between you… Continue reading The onion


I’ve been getting some feedback from people. It seems they think I’m not doing well. And they are definitely correct, to a degree. But it’s not so much that I am not doing well. It’s more that I’m not fitting in. I’m understanding less and less. I don’t understand how anyone can think anything makes… Continue reading Dissonance


To cultivate non-attachment is a Buddhist concept or goal. But how to do it? Well, how else but by detaching from what one is attached to? Both the positive and negative attachments. Things one likes and dislikes. What does that mean? It means to stop caring. To sever all bonds. To become stone cold and… Continue reading Non-attachment

A bit of a contradiction

Enlightenment is a human realizing that humans don’t ‘really’ exist. That sentence seems to make little sense but that’s what we’re talking about here. So obviously it’s a bit convoluted and hard to understand, let alone put into words. Imagine having to convey this idea to someone who believes themselves to be human, without sounding… Continue reading A bit of a contradiction


Look at the subject of your discontent, whatever it may be. Then imagine it gone out of your life and look at what remains. Would things be better without it? Imagine yourself perfectly happy. Always. Would your life be better? It’s tempting to think it would be. But I imagine it’s like eating nothing but… Continue reading Discontent

Note to self

Your discontent is the engine that drives you. Be grateful for it. Nurture it?

Where, oh where?

Where do you know anything, experience everything? Consciousness. There is nowhere else for anything to be known or experienced. And that’s not unique to you or us. That goes for anything known or experienced by any ‘entity’: only in consciousness can ‘they’ ever experience anything. Imagine being Neo from the Matrix. You wake up in… Continue reading Where, oh where?


It’s all nonsense. Nothing is true, with exactly one exception. Nothing exists, except consciousness. Everything else is made up, stories applied to pattern. I know this. I am very sure of it, because I looked, did the work and found this to be the inescapable and only conclusion. And yet… Some old patterns still persist.… Continue reading Perspectives

Another way

We look at pattern through concepts. We chop it up with definitions, with stories, this is one thing and that another. And then we observe and capture in math what we see. And we can predict shit. We know that if we do certain things certain outcomes will follow. Maybe. There is always some uncertainty.… Continue reading Another way